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Resurrection Day planter. Purchased white birch branches at Walmart. I tied together the branches with twine and a little hot glue. Made a platform out of wood so the cross would stand upright. Then, lined the basket with black plastic. I placed the plants in the basket, with the cross and filled-in with bark mulch. I originally saw something like this in a shop which was my inspiration. They had used a large, rectangular trough filled-in with dirt, some plants, a lamb and a cross. Loved it. Decoration, Natal, Diy, Dekoration, Basteln, Deko, Arreglos Florales, Basteln Mit Kindern, Bunga
Resurrection Garden, Easter
three wooden crosses are sitting in a planter with red flowers and greenery on it
a bucket filled with moss and rocks on top of a table next to a cross
small yellow birds in a crocheted basket with daisies
there are pictures of different things made out of rocks and moss in the shape of houses
Idee per la Pasqua in casa: creare un sepolcro aperto per festeggiare la resurrezione
Pasqua in casa: idee per creare un sepolcro aperto per festeggiare la resurrezione