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a wooden light fixture hanging from a metal frame ceiling lamp with two lights on each side
Eumyviv Cube Wood Metal Chandelier Net Cage Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island, Rustic Industrial Edison Hanging Light Vintage Ceiling Light Fixture 1-Light (P0015)
a large wooden table with many chairs around it
Ambiente extremamente elegante, juntamente com este lindo modelo Cascata.
a bridge over a river in the middle of a lush green forest under a full moon
Nathan Spotts - Unrealistic Scenes
an upside down wooden bench in the grass
Fontanny ogrodowe, altanki, oranżerie, kwietniki, architektura ogrodowa -
a table lamp made out of driftwood with a white square light shade on top
Tischleuchte Holzleuchte 2er Set Xico Off White & Holz gebleicht 15x45cm 10933
a wooden object sitting on top of a table
Turning a Pen, and Other Machine-Crafted Projects, at Micro Machine Shop - Core77