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a tree that is sitting in the middle of a stone wall with steps leading up to it
clay vegetable garden markers in a pot
DIY Clay Vegetable Garden Markers
colorful books are stacked on top of each other in the garden
Easy DIY Brick Books
someone is holding a jar full of liquid in front of some plants and trees with the caption, i'll thought this was crazy when i heard it
Put a banana peel in a mason jar of water for a day or two then pour only the water at the base of each tomato plant. Each time we have done this, SO many new tomatoes blossoms have popped up and the plants are getting taller! Apparently potassium is BIG for tomato plants! @ Huge thanks to my friend Ansley for letting me re-post this tip! - iFunny
how much to plant for a year's supply of fruit
How Much to Plant for a Year's Supply of Fruit
an outhouse in the woods is lit up at night
Home - Slow Flowers Podcast with Debra Prinzing
Adorable Chicken House! We had chickens growing up, but their house was not nearly this nice. Chickens let loose in a garden is a natural way to keep insects and pests at bay because they eat them and chicken poo is high in nitrogen so it's a great fertilizer for the soil.
crocheted bird with yellow crown on its head and tail, sitting in four different positions
Little Bird Amigurumi Free PDF Pattern - Amigurumi
the inside and outside of a wooden birdhouse with flowers in it's window
45+ Low-Budget DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Ideas (With Plans)
This chicken coop DIY idea is more or less for large farmland with a lot of space but it could also be built in your backyard in a portable way - Building a chicken coop is a fairly simple weekend woodworking project. The free chicken coop plans below include blueprints, material lists, and building instructions, making it an easy and low-cost option over buying a chicken coop. #chickencoop #backyardideas #chickencoopplans #farmfoodfamily
the steps to build a flower bed with bricks
"Hidden Mickey" DIY Disney Landscaping Idea