Tribute to Ghibli / Spirited Away on Behance - If I ever got a dragon tattoo, it'd be Haku

Art done for 30 year anniversary of Studio Ghibli within Goverdose collective.In this occasion there was an exhibition at Embassy of Japan in Poland with other tribute artworks done by some amazing artists. My inspiration was of course dragon Haku from…

No face in these pictures has a face someone guessed what he would look like behind the mask Loves it!!!

No Face (Spirited Away) - the biggest nightmare of my childhood and now after rewatching Spirited Away I feel so sorry thinking about him :(

Susuwatari ⭐ (#FanArt por 14595712_1427428290619770_8062544715012866804_n.jpg (242×395)

Fan art of one of the Susuwatari, small, dark, dust-like spirits seen in the Studio Ghibi films "Tonari no Totoro (となりのトトロ)" and Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (千と千尋の神隠し)"

Love his black hair! - Howl's Moving Castle

My fav scene ! How his haur then falls back onto his shoulders God the Ghibli studio is freakin awesome and Miyazaki sensei the best ever ❤❤❤

Meh....I SHOULD make a howl' s moving castle board, but I'm just so laaaaazzzzzyyy!!!

hisazuki: “ Howl’s Moving Castle doujinshi covers by a circle called Sumomo no Ki. You may be familiar with the artist, Momo Sumomo, a professional shoujo mangaka (Koukyuu Days, Ten no Ryu Chi no.