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Herb Coated Salmon in Puff Pastry
If you like baked salmon, you'll love this warm, herby version. The delicious flaky crust and flavorful, creamy center is to die for!
Wiener Flower Pies
Sadly, wieners don't grow on trees. If they did, though, they'd sprout flowers like these!
Veggie Tots 4 Ways | Recipes
Veggie Tots 4 Ways, I have tried these, they are delicious.
Parchment-Baked Chicken 4 Ways
Parchment-Baked Chicken 4 Ways
Teriyaki Chicken Wraps - TipBuzz
Teriyaki Chicken Cones are so fun to make for a party. Teriyaki chicken is loaded into crispy tortilla cones with broccoli for a mouthwatering appetizer everyone will love.
a christmas tree made out of cucumbers on top of a cookie
канапэ ? : )
a layered salad in a glass dish on top of a white plate with a strawberry and parsley garnish
Sałatka warstwowa z rzodkiewką
Przepisy Magdy: Sałatka warstwowa z rzodkiewką
the words sabatka warstwoa z kodkiewk on a pink background
Sałatka warstwowa z rzodkiewką
Sałatka warstwowa z rzodkiewką
a white plate topped with flowers on top of a wooden table covered in greenery
calla lilies from white cheese slices & carrot strips, scallion stems
a casserole dish filled with vegetables and cheese
Zapiekanka gyros Jest to najlepsza zapiekanka jaką kied…
Zapiekanka gyros Jest to najlepsza zapiekanka jaką kied…
some candy canes are sitting on a table with pins in the shape of letters
35 Easy Christmas Food Craft Ideas & Crafts
Over 30 Easy Christmas Fun Food Ideas & Crafts Kids Can Make - great for parties or at home fun with the kids - http://www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com
a wedding cake made out of cupcakes on top of a barrel
Sami & Michael
White chocolate mudcake layered with white chocolate ganache Cupcakes are also white mudcake and covered with buttercream. Roses on cupcakes and roses made with modelling paste Cake has been set up ontop of an old wine barrel
a turkey made out of fruits and kiwis on a plate with the words happy thanksgiving written below it
5 Tips for Every Kid Healthy Week | Goodness On The Go
Make this easy DIY Fruit Food Art Peacock for your child's next playdate or class party