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A while back we featured the apartment above Marie-Sixtine’s flagship store in Paris. Chez Marie Sixtine, by designer Sandrine Place and architect Baptiste Legué, is a two-room retreat cast in a palet

Rolling Huts |

The steel-clad Rolling Huts designed by Olson Kundig Architects in Manzama, Washington, sit lightly on the land thanks to wheels that allow the tiny residences to "hover" above the site, optimizing views of the landscape. Photo by Derek Pirozzi.

Sommerhus i Asserbo - ARKITEKTUR I TRÆ

summer home in Asserbo, Denmark. Designed by Christensen & Co Architects, it's essentially a glassed-in platform porch with a row of tiny rooms along the timber back wall. Inside, white walls and floors reflect light, and furnishings are minimal

dropdown shutter-wall-decks (False Bay Writer’s Cabin, San Juan Islands, Washington, USA) (Olson Kundig Architects)

False Bay Writers Cabin - Being a writer as a living can be hard, especially if that person works from home, but the False Bay Writer’s Cabin provides an easy solution.

Low Budget and Environmentally Friendly Cottage Construction Designed by BAK Arquitec (7)

gorgeous Cottage Home Design - low cost cottage in Argentina located in the resort setting of Mar Azul, on the shore of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Designed by Argentina’s BAK Architects.