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American Soldiers Crossing Border of France and Belgium, 1944

American Soldiers Crossing Border of France and Belgium, 1944

Caen 1944

July soldiers Bernard Hoo, John MacCouville and JR Kostick belonging to the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, Brigade, Canadian Infantry Division, before the panel of the west entrance to Caen.

Four soldiers of the Infantry Division study a group of German road signs on Boulevard Rochebonne in the French town of Poincaré à Paramé, a suburb of Saint- Malo

Canadian Rifleman in Caen

Canadian Infantry Division History by Alexander Moore The Canadian Infantry Division had a long and illustrious hist

Normandy 1944, pin by Paolo Marzioli

An American infantryman observes a dead Waffen-SS Grenadier of SS "Götz Von Berlichingen' in the battle area of Saint-Lô.

The British Army in the Normandy Campaign 1944 B8488 - Category:World War II forces of Britain in France - Wikimedia Commons

On the road to Vire, August German prisoners watch as a British armored column passes by, the Allied breakout from Normandy is starting.


Moerbrugge: "A Crossing of Opportunity": As we have seen, the German resistance in Moerbrugge was thought by Canadian Armoured Divisional HQ to have be