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Vintage Soapstone Collection, Miniature Soapstone Figurines, Collection Of 4

Vintage Soapstone Collection Miniature Soapstone by Collectitorium

Chillin' Orange Tabby Figurine, Resin Cat Collectible

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Bunny Figurines, Capilano Vancouver Figurines

Check out this item in my Etsy shop

Vintage Duncan Enterprises Trinket Box, Ceramic Jewelry Box

Vintage Duncan Enterprises Trinket Box Ceramic by Collectitorium

Capodimonte Roses, Art Pottery, Arnart 1987

Capodimonte Roses Art Pottery Arnart 1987 by Collectitorium

Hand Carved Wood Elephant, Large Wood Elephant, Vintage Wood Carving, Wood Art, Wood Sculpture

Hand Carved Wood Elephant Large Wood Elephant by Collectitorium

African Animal Collection, Wood Animal Carvings, Hand Carved Wood, Elephant, Giraffe, Crocodile, African Animals, Wood Elephant, Vintage

Wood Animal Carvings Hand Carved Wood African by Collectitorium

Vintage Fridge Deodorizers, Mouse Cheese Shaker, Green Pepper Spice Shaker

Vintage Fridge Deodorizers Mouse Cheese Shaker by Collectitorium

Vintage Footed Bowl, Porzellanmalerei Parbus Compote, Bavaria Germany, Porcelain Comport

Vintage Footed Bowl Porzellanmalerei Parbus by Collectitorium

Paris-Style Harlequin Pen Holder, Large Parisian Look Porcelain Figurine

Paris-Style Harlequin Pen Holder Large Parisian by Collectitorium