Metal Extrusion.

Forcing molten metal through a hole.
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various types of plastic parts are shown in this advertisement for an electronic device and computer
Square tube plug-in connectors - all nylon | Flexliner
Square Tube Connectors - Nylon | Flexliner | Tube Connectors
an image of a black object that is in the shape of a t - bar
JTPAA - Corner hinge by ISC PLASTIC PARTS | DirectIndustry
Square tube connector / steel / polyamide THCYD ISC, S.L. Deutschland
a metal object with two square sections on each side and one rectangular section on the other
Square Flush 90° 3-Way Tube Connector
Square Line Flush Fitting 90° 3-Way Tube Connector
an image of a metal door hinge with the top section open and two sections closed
Aluminium extrusions | Aluminium extrusion - Connectors
standard connector
three different types of metal profiles with measurements and description for each piece in the image
60x60 Industrial Aluminium Profile(Single&Double Slot)(id:8872220). Buy Turkey aluminium profile, sigma profile, industrial profile - EC21
60x60 Industrial Aluminium Profile(Single&Double Slot)
several different types of metal profiles and parts for an electrical device, including the top one with
extruded aluminium profile,Aluminum section from China Manufacturer, Manufactory, Factory and Supplier on
extruded aluminium profile,Aluminum section (jf93) - China aluminum profile, jf
an open door on the side of a building with wood flooring and green walls
an image of a building that is being constructed with metal pipes and orange plastic boxes
La acústica y los arquitectos. Análisis práctico del CTE. TECTÓNICA 37 monografías de arquitectura, tecnología y construcción
Un capialzado por el interior de la fachada abriría una vía de penetración de sonido.
an upside down metal object sitting on the ground in front of a wall and floor
Two big identical aluminium extrusion fit together to form a base for signage.
an open book with some drawings on it's page and the text below it
Simple diagram of process. A ram is used to push molten metal through a shaped aperture (hole) in a die. The metal is immediately cooled to stop it deforming. It can be run off and cut to length later or cut to length as the section leaves the die.
an outdoor bus stop with glass walls and metal frame, in the shape of a bus stop
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The advertising frame, the seat and the beams for the shelter are probably all extrusions. The shelter beams will either have channels for the polycarbonate "glass" or lips for them to be riveted/bolted to.
a silver ladder on a white background
I have seen aluminium ladders where each piece is a cut to length extrusion held together with rivets.
close up view of the front end of a bike with metal spokes on it
Flexible Laser Welding Solutions
Aluminium Bike Frame. The tubes are extrusions shaped at the ends and welded to another tube. Note that in this photo it's the tube that has cracked not the weld.
a metal door handle on a red carpet
Close up of aluminium welding | Portfolio | Examples | Showcase | Webb Welding | Welder | Swindon | Wiltshire
Aluminium extrusions can be welded. It is common on high end mountain bikes. But it is difficult to do well. Why? Simply because aluminium has a very low melting point and become weak with heat.