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the mountains are covered in snow and light from the sun shining down on them,
"The Annapurna Range In The Himalayas." by Stocksy Contributor "Shikhar Bhattarai"
The #Annapurna Range In The #Himalayas, #Nepal.
an electronic keyboard and sound board with headphones, microphones, music equipment and other accessories
a drawing of a building with many different colors and numbers on the outside, as well as
steve roden . work . sounding architecture (and pavilion scores)
a man sitting in a chair next to a desk with books on it and shelves full of statues
This was my advisor at Lake Superior State University, Professor James Moody.
a cluttered desk and chair in an art studio with lots of crafting supplies
Las personas desordenadas son más inteligentes y creativas
a diagram showing the different parts of a speaker system
Heroic Music Group | Empowering Creators.
an orange and gray sound board with rows of red squares on the front, and two rows of white numbers on the back
Thumping Techno
Skippy Broken Techno - Attack Magazine
the sound board is shown with red and black numbers on it, as well as an equal
Skippy Broken Techno
In the latest Beat Dissected, we construct a beat with hints of garage flavour coming from a broken kick pattern and techno elements from