marcin stangreciak

marcin stangreciak

marcin stangreciak
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Gnome ladder made from small split branch and sticks.

Take a branch, cut it down the middle as evenly as possible, then turn into a tiny ladder. Natural Materials > Lesson Plans > Education > Albright-Knox Art Gallery - would do with yr

Waldorf mama frame

waldorfmama , february 08 :: a favorite frame and watercolor painting that naomi painted in 1993 in her waldorf kindergarten.


with an ever shifting chiseled edge, geometry presents itself as a changing storyline organic living edged waldorf picture/ postcard frames simple

Christus - mit rahmen - The Representative of Man by Rudolf Steiner

Clip-frame, ash, handmade for postcards. Detailed image of The "Representative of Humanity". Suitable for horizontal and vertical formats. Outer measurements: 13 x 18 cm. Interior measurements: x 15 cm.

Fritz Schulte

Olomouc Museum of Art in Anthroposophic art, Aenigma (Book)