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By Tara Cremin Box sets are hugely popular on Kobo at the moment. Our best selling titles on Kobo Writing Life are nearly always ones that are part of a greater series.

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Orange, architecture, building, red and bright HD photo by Zbysiu Rodak ( on Unsplash

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Fog devouring a forest photo by Frances Gunn ( on Unsplash

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Retreat From Writing When your writing life feels blocked by your personal life, it's ok to take a step back for awhile.

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Lauberger & Gloss keyboard in black and white photo by Lukas Budimaier ( on Unsplash

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Pablo by Buffer - Design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds

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Our Daily Bread- March A Season for Everything // "Heavenly Father, give me Your wisdom to know what priorities I need to have at this season of my life. I only want to bring You the honor You deserve with the way I live.

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Free landscape images for your professional projects.

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11 Surprisingly Heartwarming Quotes From The Pokémon Games

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photo-1436262513933-a0b06755c784 (5852×3901)

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Wednesday Wallpaper: Enter the Sabbath Rest

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Mountains Photography: There's in no way like being within the sight of the mountains. It makes you feel practically superhuman.

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Paul Itkin : Above the clouds (au-dessus des nuages)

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Do-whatever-you-want high-resolution photo from Mike Petrucci on Unsplash.

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By Fritz Bielmeier