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Marcin Malin
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Daniel Sturridge celebrates his first goal for Liverpool (vs Mansfield Town, FA Cup)

Daniel Sturridge scores seven minutes into his debut. Not bad at all, even if it was non-league opposition

Ragnar Lodbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) is the protagonist of the History channel's historical drama series Vikings

Ragnar Lodbrok from the Viking TV Show with a raven on his shoulder. According to Viking mythology, Odin would often appear as a raven. Ragnar Lodbrok claimed to be descended from Odin and many Vikings believed this.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Is the NBA's Next Great Matchup Nightmare

FAMOUS PEOPLE was a born boy that moved to at a young age. Antetokoumpo now plays NBA professional for the Milwaukee Bucks, he is also nicknamed The Greek Freak., Giannis Antetokompo is a very interesting man with a lot of culture.

Kyle Lowry took a break during the Raptors' current winning streak to grace the cover of Sportsnet mag's Awards Issue.