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Backyard Studio

inspiration from IKEA I'm probably not the only one to dream of suddenly discovering that I have had an extra room. A room that is not yet reserved for a specific purpose, a place where I can start from scratch.

tiny house ideas

A sleek place--much prefer the stairs to a loft over a ladder for myself. tiny house ideas - bathroom behind kitchen. Stairs to loft bedroom. A little too dark but I like the us of space under stairs.

I Like Tiny Houses But I'm Not Tiny, What Do I Do?

Tiny house with built in stairs/storage underneath. I like this because it's a loft bedroom, but with more separation and proper stairs. Run the loft the whole length of the house for maximum space.

Kenjo: Cabin-Like Prefab Guest House or Studio

Swedish company Kenjo designs small, cabin-like prefab rooms that can serve as guest houses, offices, studios or any other type of space that you like." - Design Milk Learn more about Kenjo: Cabin-Like Prefab Guest House or Studio

Science vs engenering..

There seems to be a dualistic way of viewing Science vs. But the fact is that engineering takes a holistic approach mixing in principles of science, art and innovation in order to achieve its goals.