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Nicholas Prior

Nicholas Prior - Documentary Photography - Age of man - Daily Routines - Childhood - Family

Nicholas Prior

Nicholas Prior is a photographer and artist based in New York City. Shows include Yossi Milo Gallery, Robert Koch Gallery, Aperture Gallery, Mus.

Nail Houses series (houses on the verge of destruction to make way for new development) | Peter Bialobrzeski

Peter Bialobrzeski „Nail Houses aus der Serie „Nail Houses – or the Destruction of Lower Shanghai"

Peter Bialobrzeski

adapto: “ Peter Bialobrzeski Lush vegetation grows in the artificial light of large Asian cities. Unlike natural sunlight, the radiance from sodium lamps, automobile headlights and illuminated.

Peter Bialobrzeski photography - work - Rungholt

Peter Bialobrzeski is one of the leading German documentary photographers. He is also a professor at the University of the Arts in Bremen.