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Guda, Self-Portrait in the Letter D, an initial in Homeliary of Saint Bartholomew, 12th century (Universitätsbibliothek, Frankfurt am Main). Guda was a German nun from Westphalia, working as an illuminator in the 12th century. In this initial she depicted herself; she is holding a scroll with the following text on it: "Guda, a sinner, wrote and painted this book".

In the letter D, you can see a self-Portrait of Guda, a german nun working as an illuminator.

SCA German Renaissance Research: Hans Sebald Beham, A Study Part 3 - Peasant or Working Class (1532-1550, Frankfurt)

Full: Front Plate The lovers discovered; a female figure standing at l lifting a stick to hit the male and female figure on the ground at r; from a series of twelve engravings. Engraving © The Trustees of the British Museum