Marcin Gałęza

Marcin Gałęza
Katowice, Poland / I'm an UI and UX designer, front end developer and all new stuff & technology enthusiast. I live and work in Poland as an Interface Designer for Cloud Group in
Marcin Gałęza
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Imagine a tall, dark, handsome, mysterious male figure scribbling away into one of these in the corner booth by the window, sipping his coffee. Oblivious to the world. *swoon* - actually I just want this! I don't need mysterious men!

Take some aluminium, wood and bricks and you'll get the place where you love to work for hours.

A workspace doesn't need much more than a collection of useful tools, good organization, and a smart combination of furniture. Lifehacker reader YourDailyApple managed all three in this concise, Apple-centric workspace.

Design for the balcony by rephorm

rephorm: Design for the balcony / Design for the balcony / furniture for small spaces: balKonzept: Balcony Table Balcony + box + Balkonbar + Balcony Desk . at rephormhaus / Berlin

Interesting bed

Another spectacular reclaimed wood platform bed. Love the headboard, the rest doesn't do it justice, too low to the ground, not grand enough in scale etc

workspace for two

Work space - home office - wood desk - white modern chairs - modern traditional decorating - white wood plank floors - mixing decorating styles - window styling