Marcin Celawak

Marcin Celawak

Marcin Celawak
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Arduino + Bluetooth

This is an example of an Arduino and Bluetooth schematic. Which is an option for communication between the controller and the plate unit

LIDAR-Lite Laser Rangefinder - Simple Arduino Sketch of a 180 Degree "Radar" - RobotShop Blog

We would like to introduce you to the LIDAR-Lite Laser Rangefinder from PulsedLight. This affordable and compact laser range finder is all the robotics enthusiast with ranging needs could want! It features laser range finding for distances of up to

Wi-fi controlled FPV rover robot (with Arduino, ESP8266 and stepper motors)

This project shows how to design a wi-fi remotely controlled two-wheeled robotic rover, using an Arduino Uno and an By Igor Fonseca Albuquerque.

Arduino Blog – FarmBot is an open-source CNC farming machine

FarmBot Genesis claims to be "humanity's first open-source CNC farming machine." It claims to make farming easy by letting users tell the robot what plants they've put in the ground and then take a.