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an old tree with a hole in the bark and grass around it's base
despite overwhelming odds the tree chose to live
an old tree with vines growing out of it's trunk and roots on the ground
I can give a fig!
an old tree with vines growing on it
Melaleuca quinquenervia — Vikipediya
an old tree that has been turned into a sculpture
Dr. Carin Anne Bondar on Twitter
a person standing in the middle of a tree with its roots spread out and it's trunk sticking out
an old tree root with moss growing on it's sides in the woods near some rocks
Tree Root Nature - Free photo on Pixabay
an old tree with very large roots on the beach
Banyon Tree Root Maze
an old tree stump with its mouth open on the ground in front of some trees
Gold Roots Nature Photography Colorado
a man is walking across a rope bridge in the forest with trees and moss growing on it
Headhunters Trail, Gunung Mulu National Park /...
a very large tree that is in the middle of some dirt and grass with no leaves on it
image by Australian photographer Grant Dixon
a stone bridge over a small stream in the woods
Old Man's Cave - Ohio State Parks - HIking Trails and Maps
some red and yellow rock formations with small holes in them on the side of a hill
Gold Butte National Monument - Nevada’s Piece of the Grand Canyon - Anne McKinnell Photography