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Retro Club Posters by Mads Berg  3

I came across these lovely vibrant illustrations by Mads Berg, a Danish illustrator who is specialized In posters and brand illustrations. About Mads Berg: Mads Berg designs illustrations to an international range of clients.


Seriously, before Andromeda, I want to see young Shepard. How come we don’t have a Shepard DLC?

Fallout Chibi by ~ShroomArts on deviantART

Fallout 1 and 2 are among the best rpg games out there, still wicked games to play. The new ones (fallout 3 and new vegas) are ok, VATS and slo mo stuff is fun to use, but I still prefer the older .

We three Kings by Lovell-Art

We Three Kings by Lovell-Art witch shaman socreress warlock wizard spirits ghost armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc