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Black Cat in a Black Room
the color scheme is blue and gray, with white waves coming in from the ocean
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crystal clear (design seeds)
two women are painting the wall with pink and white colors, one is holding a paint roller
This modern pink Pagoda and coral Coralette DIY modern ombre wall project by BEHR will show you, step by step, how to create the perfect gradient with your favorite colors. There is something innately soothing about a harmonious blend of colors.
a white couch sitting next to a window on top of a carpeted floor in front of a blue wall
slide colored wall
a bed with white sheets and pillows in front of a blue wall that has a painting on it
Wandgestaltung mit Spachteltechnik für ein effektvolles Interieur
Wandgestaltung mit Spachteltechnik und andere Maltechniken
a person is using a paint roller to paint a wall with orange and yellow colors
Mottled Decorative Paint Finishes | HomeTips
Mottling With a Two-Part Roller - perfect for that Moroccan stone wall feel
a person spraying paint on a wall with a spray bottle
Diy. pintar paredes pinterest con efecto vintage.
c vintage wall
an area rug with blue, beige and white colors on it's edges is shown
Tendance: Nouvelles patines
Tendance: Nouvelles patines Tapis en laine et soie. Grunge (Thibault Van Renne)
black and white photograph of an unmade bed with books on the shelf above it
Pinterest | ivoryandaurora Insta | theavilagirl_v
a man holding a bowl in his right hand while standing against a wall with peeling paint on it
Paint a Faux Venetian Plaster Finish
Faux Venetian Plaster Tutorial - great directions & pictures that show you how to get this awesome finish!
a man is painting a wall with yellow and white paint on it's walls
Paint a Faux Venetian Plaster Finish
step 1: apply darkest and lightest colors