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Mystery Caches

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GC2N34X Double Jigsaw in Washington, United States created by PhilNi.

Double Jigsaw

GC2N55H The Wasps (Unknown Cache) in Washington, United States created by PhilNi. To solve the puzzle, you must enter the digits 0 to 9 in each row (no duplicates). Cell have wasps between them if, and only if, the cell are off by one. The head end is always 1 greater than the stinger end. There is only 1 solution to the whole grid. Remember, if there is no wasp between cells then it cannot be off by one. Cache is located at N47 36.ABC, W122 09.DEF.

The Wasps

Working on the solution for GC2400Z "Truncated Icosahedron," a puzzle cache by PhilNi

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