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Radioactive (Imagine Dragons) UPDATE -

Radioactive (Imagine Dragons) UPDATE -

Last Christmas (Wham!) -

Captured with Lightshot

Viva La Vida (Coldplay) -

I do it with capo on the fret.

Hedwig's theme for ukulele --Harry Potter

Summer dress ukulele chords 0231 – Woman dresses line


In the very broad field of IT, there are a lot of different careers to choose from. Aside from involving computers, the actual day-to-day workflow and sala

Tattoos & Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women. Buy Salvia Extract, Kratom Extract, Vaporizers and Kratom Capsules online at

Tattoos & Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women The Spiritual Strength kinda looks like Matt Skiba's signature

dwarvish patterns | finger tattoos ideas for guys Finger Tattoos Ideas

Viking rune symbols maybe one of these for my first tattoo? Since I am a 'viking'!

6 Grey Hairstyles & Haircuts for guys - styling and coloring at the same time

Grey Men Hairstyles & Haircuts – hairdressing pomade – styling and coloring at the same time

Major and Minor Scales Piano | Major Minor

Major and Minor Scales Piano

My first Music Composition or Chord Leading Chart which is in Dmajor and its relative Minor Bminor. I really like the way this came out and will do most of the major keys here. Did the first in D because I really like the DADGAD tuning on acoustic guitar.

E Major/C# minor This chart is for Writing music, How to create a Chord…