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too much cute to handle

this reminds me so much of yixings face expressions XD

I die everytime I see this!! This is more adorable than adorableness!! Just look at the way Xiumin is all shy and how he hides his face in Lulu's neck and Luhan be like "Yes bitches..he's mine!"

XIUHAN - look at Sehun's face i think someone is jealous haha.luhan and xuimin ^^ Luhan "this is a piece of cake, come on, Let's go "

Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung

Hahaha I'm not sure because it's only a gif and I'd need to see the whole thing, but I bet Suga was either joking/being extra or he was forced and totally hated this he just seems like he never likes touching or being touched lol

tumblr_o0gtw3KR6r1rbr3rto5_400.gif (268×190)

Baekhyun and Suzy 'Dream' MV

Kris was so ecstatic throwing Baek in the air… Krisbaek stans, how’s your ship sailing?   cr to owners

"Kris throwing Baekhyun, I'm pretty sure he was screaming "KKAEPSONG" (GIF)" XD. EXO Tao is just like, not this again hyung

[GIF] 16.11.16 - Baekhyun @ Coming Over (short vers.)  (cr. Haru)

[GIF] - Baekhyun @ Coming Over (short vers.