SKF Maintenance Products

SKF's range of maintenance products includes maintenance tools such as pullers, induction heater, infrared thermometer, thermal imaging camera, vibration analyzers, stethoscopes, shaft alignment tools and other maintenance products. For further information about SKF maintenance products contact us at; Call us at: +48324328783; or SKYPE with us at: grupa.marat
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The Laser Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA 41 SKF. Price: 3500.00 EUR.

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The SKF TMJL 50 is mainly intended for larger SKF Hydraulic Nuts and SKF OK Coupling hydraulic chambers, but is also suitable for applications where a maximum pressure of 50 MPa (7 250 psi) is required.

The SKF TMEB 2 aligns the pulleys in the grooves. With only two components, a laser-emitting unit and a receiver unit, the tool is easy and fast to attach with V-guides and powerful magnets. The three-dimensional target area on the receiver unit allows the easy detection of misalignment and shows if it is horizontal, vertical, parallel or a combination of misalignments. The operator can then easily make the appropriate adjustments.

The SKF TMTP 200 is a user-friendly, durable pocket size thermometer. Its sturdy flexible probe tip provides effective surface contact for accurate temperature measurement.

SKF Air-driven Hydraulic Pumps and Oil Injectors, THAP E series (THAP 030E, THAP 150E, THAP 300E,THAP 400E). They can be used for mounting OK Couplings, large pressure joints such as bearings, flywheels, couplings and railway wheels. The THAP E unit consists of a hydraulic pump or high pressure oil injector, driven by an air motor.

The SKF TMSU 1 is a high quality, user-friendly instrument enabling the detection of air leaks by means of ultrasound. Leaks are caused by fluid flowing from a high pressure environment to a low pressure environment, creating turbulence.

SKF Electric motor assessment kit CMAK 200-SL. A fitting bundle of two measurement devices for electric motors and other industrial assets. The SKF CMAK 200-SL makes the evaluation of electric motor bearings and general machine health simple.

Inspector 400 Ultrasonic Probe CMIN 400-K senses high frequency sounds produced by operating equipment, as well as leaks and electrical discharges. It electronically translates these signals by a heterodyning process, making them audible, so that a user can hear these sounds through a headset and see them as intensity increments on a meter.

SKF Thermal Cameras TKTI 20. Four movable spot cursors track multiple hotspots at close and moderate distances. High thermal sensitivity display temperature differences quickly and easily • Advanced display options available for experienced thermographers,

SKF Bearing Assessment Kit CMAK 300-SL. Makes the evaluation of bearing condition a simple task for maintenance, operations, reliability and vibration analysis departments.

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