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A função das vitaminas e minerais.

Our bodies need vitamins and minerals for good overall health, growth and development. There are 11 vitamins and minerals, essential for body function. They each play a critical role in maintaining…

Top 7 Yoga Poses To Burn Lower Belly Fat..

Yoga Fitness Flow - Yoga Apparel for the Adventurous Heart by LuxxCultureCo - Get Your Sexiest Body Ever! …Without crunches, cardio, or ever setting foot in a gym!

How often should I eat?

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to meal frequency. Our infographic below has some meal examples and frequency of eating times. These are suggestions and not written in stone. Let your body be your best guide and base your eating habits arou

Best Sources of Vitamin B17

About Vitamin (Amygdalin, Laetrile) and Best Food Sources [Infographic] and Resources have you ever eaten these apricot seeds? Kinda scare me mixing with my hormone blockers and chemo?

Beautiful healthy skin is something we all want. This easy to use...

These blackheads don’t want to disappear without a fight. Removing them with all those expensive treatments won’t always do the trick. The blackheads will get back to you in a…