Shiro Yoshizaki

Shiro Yoshizaki

Shiro Yoshizaki
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Jane, Jade, and Betty Crocker, the Batterwitch. I actually have this as my wallpaper the nice side is lock the the dark as screen.

;n; so sweet. (gif) Can't. Stop. Watching. So. Amazing. I ship them so hard!

so sweet. I ship them so hard!<<<--Never even saw the Homestuck show or something but I still ship it. The side effects of Second Hand Fandom. I ship them as moirials

Rose Lalonde // [S] Descend

Rose Lalonde // [S] Descend

Seer: Descend

abbydraws: “are the gods evil? Rose Lalonde in Avatar Grimdark State oopswrongfandom ”

This is so beautiful I can't even start to describe it!!

Ohgogyes, Hoemstuck Guitar--I know what I'm doing with mine XD Clealry inspired by "Seer: Descend".

To ascend, each time you must first descend!

I have no idea why, nut I really like this one picture from Homestuck.

Its all fun and games until the crazy werewolf kills your parents...

megidoughs: “ “ itsterminallycancerous: “ “ lovingnitramsandmakaras: “ The last time Homestuck went on hiatus, we had people making little anime adaptions of it.