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I'm only watching civil war because spiderman, antman, and bucky are in it. I really don't want to see Steve and Tony fight.

“ “I think we deserve a soft epilogue, my love. We are good people and we’ve suffered enough." ” “white quotes taken from Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United ”

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Radiator Springs, Disney Cars, Disney Pixar, Lightning Mcqueen, Disney Characters, Planes, Airplanes, Aircraft, Airplane

Disney Pixar Cars, Pixar Movies, Lightning, Car Stuff, Lightning Mcqueen, Lightning Storms, Lighting

“Just for a few minutes, Damian. Please.  Please just let me hold you.”

fishfingersandjellybabies: “ nevolition: “ “ “Just for a few minutes, Damian. Please just let me hold you.” [x] ” fishfingersandjellybabies has really set the bar for emotional reunion fic.