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Can't remember the series but I remember it was a great read...hubby and wife vamps

Jeaniene Frost - Halfway to The Grave

Cat and Bones - Night Huntress series Book: At Grave's End / Artist:

Cat - Night Huntress by ~bluehybun

The name is suppose to match the cry. So dose that make these the hurhur pokemon? lol.

Look at gladion in the back holding null for support tho this whole pic is sooooo cute!! <3

pokemon sun and moon gladion | Tumblr

jak pisać, by się nie ośmieszyć

Piszesz coś lub planujesz to zrobić, a nie chcesz się ośmieszyć? Chce… #literaturafaktu # Literatura faktu # amreading # books # wattpad

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