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the back of a woman's neck with gold and turquoise beads hanging from it
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Handmade seed bead earrings from Moon & Milk
Handmade seed bead earrings from Moon & Milk! Get them now. Use code Pinterest25 to get 25% off!
Tutorial for fully beaded fringe earrings - beading tutorial for summery DIY jewelry
A new beading tutorial is available now on my Youtube channel: https://youtube.com/@bafflingbeadsat This one is about fully beaded fringe earrings and it is the second video about fringe earrings - the first one is about earrings with findings. If you are a complete beginner beader or maybe you haven't even touched a beading needle yet then you have found the right tutorials. I explain in detail to you how I bead my jewelry and why I make certain decisions. There is also a video about beading supplies available if you want to know about needles, tools and beads.
Beading a patterned fringe earring with true cut beads - beautiful earrings with glass drops
Supplies for these earrings: • 2.5cm brass findings • earring hooks • wire • 0.15mm beading thread • 3 types of 11/0 true cut beads in different colors • large drop beads This short videos shows some basic steps about how I bead these fringe earrings. The true cut beads all have a bronze coloring to some degree which ties together the while pattern. The facets of the true cut beads and drop beads add beautiful sparkling to the design.
four different types of fishing hooks are shown in this screenshot from an instagramtion
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