Pop-up shoes by Laura Papp 2013

Our pride and joy to share our Dots Dash Talent's laurapapp - Pop-up shoes 2013

PIKKPACK | virtualshoemuseum.com

PIKKPACK is a minimal shoe with an edge. Created from high quality leather, PIKKPACK is a flexible and long-lasting shoe with a lightweight airy feel and kickass design. This is a DIY shoe design

pikkpack  http://pikkpack.com/products/pikkpack-shoes-kit?variant=1317333656#

pikkpack http://pikkpack.com/products/pikkpack-shoes-kit?variant=1317333656#

Pikkpack shoes releases collaborative edition with Supermundane - Designboom

rob lowe's geometric lines work in tandem with bright yellow soles to perfectly express the playful nature of pikkpack's persona.