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does look like so lol. | allkpop Meme Center

kekeke RLAB~ poor Sehun~ keke aww Sehun is being dragged by mommy Yeollie and daddy Kris around the store to buy Tao gucci~ keke well Zitao might be jelly just seeing this~

Krisyeol -0-

“are you asking for a kiss Chanyeol?


Krisyeol_realgalaxy (Krisyeol_realgalaxy) sur We Heart It

Perf: 불장난(Playing With Fire) - BLACKPINK  #Produce101Season2  #프로듀스101시준2

Perf: 불장난(Playing With Fire) - BLACKPINK #Produce101Season2 #프로듀스101시준2

Park Woojin & Im Youngmin

YAOI main pair : jinseob other cast : samuel, daehwi, justin,… # Random # amreading # books # wattpad