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the house is made out of black corrugated
Filipe Pina and Maria Inês Costa complete MCR2 House renovation
the house is made out of metal and has large windows
Veld turn former blacksmith's workshop into home extension in Belgium
a white building with a tree in front of it and two doors on the side
Gallery of House in Kashiwa / Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop - 6
a small house with a metal roof and windows
house michèle & johan by Bruno Vanbesien Architect
an outdoor area with benches, tables and a building
the building has stairs leading up to it and there is no door on the outside
Gallery of Paredes School Center / Atelier Nuno Lacerda Lopes - 10
a window on the side of a building that is made of metal and has a tree in it
Self-built Austin home by Sean Guess is clad in hide-like cement panels
an open window on the side of a building with gravel and rocks in front of it
VMZINC Inspiration og referencer | VMZINC Danmark
a black house with two windows and a metal roof
Low cost energy efficient rectangular design
the house is made out of metal and has sliding glass doors to let in natural light
Gallery of House Husarö / Tham & Videgård Arkitekter - 14
an entry way to a house with white walls and black shutters on the side
the building is white and has two windows
North Bondi House fronted by angular white gabled screens
a modern house with glass windows on the roof and side walls that are clad in metal
Gallery of Dentist with a View / Shift architecture urbanism - 11