Malgosia Piernik

Malgosia Piernik

Malgosia Piernik
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Design Inspiration 45 -

My first Dribbble shot! So apparently the single most visited webpage of the danish Justice Department is a page that informs you when you& allowed to raise the danish flag (at sunrise) and when.

UI Interactions of the week #54 – Muzli -Design Inspiration

to-do list app - ‘Dona AI’ is a new to-do list app that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence in order to effectively prioritize different tasks.

Weekly Inspiration for Designers #131 – Muzli -Design Inspiration

Spotlight is a summer beach festival which was held in Helsinki in summer Our task was to create a vivid modular design that works well with photos and looks good in the urban environment and in nature. The main theme of identity design is styliz&

Landing Page Inspiration — May 2017 – Collect UI Design, UI / UX Inspiration Blog – Medium

I guess it’s important to flex your design muscle from time to time and to explore new grids. I’m still in love with Circular though.