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Queen Anne Boleyn and her daughter, the future Queen Elizabeth I. Media: Head, hands and feet of both figures are of Super Sculpey on a wire armature, with cloth bodies. By Martha & Marianne.

This is a modern representation of a Roman Child's outfit in the provinces of rome. Child Wearing Bulla. 2008. Photograph. Illustrated History of the Roman Empire. 08 June 2008. Web. 25 Sept. 2011. .

This child is most likely growing up in the provinces, as the Celtic pattern of its tunic and the trousers suggest. Notice the bulla amulet which was traditionally worn by Roman children on a necklace to ward off evil spritis.

Princess Seraphina, daughter of Duke Arthur and Duchess Margret, niece of King Edward. Joyful but shy and easily scared, she loves beautiful things.