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10 Ways to Style Your Very Own Vegetable Garden

Like the look of these over typical trellis for vertical growing. perfect for small gardens where there isn't much space - grow upwards instead of out! - I like the idea of zig zag raised beds :)

Tire planter

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Fairytale Portraits Of Redheads With A Red Fox By Uzbek Photographer

Fairytale Portraits Of Redheads With A Red Fox By Uzbek Photographer


How to make this lovely and practical strawberry planter out of a single pallet. The project is fairly easy and nearly free! [Because I don't have enough things to make from pallets pinned]

*Jiuliusz De Wiec Arabian Expressions Greg Knowles, Arabian Horses Something about white horses just tickles my heart!

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Translation "Poland these chair are here since 1939 took place at the wedding here, interrupted by the outbreak of war. Every year, people paint the red chairs - in memory of those events". What an amazing monument.

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Model: Emma - New Miss Ireland 2010 Make-Up: Oksana Make-Up, Design: Natalie Sorohan