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Maksymilian Halec
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Sircus De Portuga the UUUUUblivia as she pee and drink it , daily :Matteo Pugliese...tra-la-la ,copy machine , tra-la - LLLLLa  , golden showers , tra-la -la ,trolly - dolly , tra-la -LLLa - Fix it......Merde :)))))) Viscente de Portuga - mamma 9month on druggs - free , leggs wide open Crizzzzzzzz....A-ha-ha :)))

I love how this is coming out of the wall // Nuun Berlin // Matteo Pugliese

Karlina Caune by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Paris 2014

Vogue Paris September 2014 Black is Beautiful Model: Karlina Caune Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura Fashion Editor: Géraldine Saglio Hair: James Rowe Make-up: Christelle Cocquet More Great Looks Like This

The Ikebana Collection: Dozuka    Botta: check out her Ikebana-style hair do

The art of Japanese flower arrangement. In Japan, many schools still teach and hand down the ancient art form. Similarly, the Ikebana Collection by the Aquage team was cultivated through a mentoring program.