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a white tote bag hanging on the wall next to a purple flower and plant
a crocheted wall hanging with a dog on it's face and tassels
Tapiz de perrito
a cross stitch pattern with a giraffe on it's face and neck
Alpha pattern #55526
Alpha pattern #55526 | BraceletBook
a metal wall hanging on the side of a wall with beads and wood sticks attached to it
Macrame Wall Hanging. (Grey) 32.3 inches / 9.8 inches
a woman is holding up a wall hanging with two raccoons
a blue and white rug with pom - poms hanging from it's sides
Playful, minimalist kids room decor by fiberacci
Bear - cute macrame animals / fiber art for kids / handmade knotted wall decor / kids room and nursery wall hanging
two pictures one with a flamingo and the other has a cross stitch pattern on it
August Monthly Macrame Challenge - Simply Inspired Flamingo Wall Hanging | Macrame for Beginners
an image of a crafting project that looks like a doll with a sailboat
a person holding a cup in front of a wall hanging decoration with rainbows and clouds
three different types of key chains with leaves attached to them on a pink surface next to flowers
DIY Macrame leaf Keychain || Best gift for your love one
a white frame with some yarn in it and a snail on the inside of it
280 mentions J’aime, 38 commentaires - ForgetBknot Macrame (@forgetbknot) sur Instagram : "Snailed it 🐌! Herma the second (third and fourth) 🤣. . Do you like the white frame or the natural…"
a yellow wall hanging with a sheep on it and flowers in front of the frame
four handmade earrings with tassels and wooden beads
handmade macrame rainbow car charm diffusers | crafted by arielle
four pieces of bead art sitting on top of a wooden table next to a coffee mug
a stack of cloths sitting on top of each other
a piece of art made out of woven material
two white gloves with black eyes and one has a ghost face on it, while the other is made out of yarn
MACRAME GHOST TUTORIAL - Macrame Halloween Ghost Step by Step Tutorial - DIY Halloween Decorations