Greyscale main images and cut out shapes to show through colours and textures. Rocio Montoya.:

rocio montoya (The Jealous Curator)

Brown Paper Crafts: This Boy

LOVE this layout.This Boy Completes My World.white space is used to great effect on this simple page. The minimally embellished background circle beautifully illustrates the layout's theme of completion.


(©Mathilde Aubier) Collage: different shapes, abstract art is still art, you can be as creative and as strange as you like!


INFP/INFJ/ENFP- definitely me, I leave people confused sometimes, because I did a circle around their thoughts and already have the solution.

Paz Brarda, nada de ordenadores y mucho collage handmade | Singular Graphic Design

Título: Relato (assemblage on Behance