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Leonardo Araújo

Leonardo Araújo
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This fall I am teaching a course called Creative Networking at the New York University Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). It is an introduction to complex networks within the context of …


When the researchers place food at cities on the map, the fungus collaborates, spreading out to map many possible configurations and then dying away to highl.

Form synth flowArt 1984 Hand-Drawn Form Synth By William Latham


Rhizome ri’zom n. rhizomatous ri’zom’a-tos adj. rhiza: a root) A stout underground horizontal and spreading stem usually producing leaf or flower buds.

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Rhizome Architecture Daniels faculty, current and former students featured

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Preface “I am convinced that the best learning takes place when the learner takes charge” Seymour Papert Looking at how we structure higher education and the taxonomies we use to support that struc…