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transfer in HK to Narita this morning

BC: I'm laughing so hard at this because he looks so suprised and imagine the person who took this like, "Hang on, is that Benedict Cumberbatch?" "Oh shit it IS Benedict Cumberbatch!" *smacks person next to them* HOLD MA BAGS THAT'S BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH

Car Mirror, Aesthetics

Benedict Cumberbatch hace mucho tiempo.

cumberbuddy: ““ I taught this boy all he knows (about being a waiter!) ” Benedict working for a catering company in ” So reassuring to know he has a skill to fall back.

Martin and Benedict

"Look at that Benedict Cumberbatch fan! And look at Martin's face! I want that fan." - Is that like, Ben in the style of a Pantone color swatch booklet? I think my inner designer just squealed with glee.