Maja Żelazek

Maja Żelazek

i would trust hagrid with my life
Maja Żelazek
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Dont do coke in the bathroom cross stitch sampler needlepoint.wish I had hung this in a few of my college apartments considering the people some of my roommates would have over.

No strings attached

Ashton Kutcher,Natalie Portman Emma Kurtzman,Adam Franklin No Strings Attached - "Emma: You give me premature ventricular contractions. Emma: You make my heart skip a beat.


I had manners. I was fairly attractive. I was funny. My life fell apart when I was diagnosed with stupid fucking breast cancer. I don't give a fuck if I have manners, my looks were destroyed. I lost my sense of humor.


Now is good Movie adaption of the novel Before I Die. I extremely underrated story. Its Beautiful, Cinematic and Wonderfully tragic.