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Is it OCD if the fact that they're all in a different spot in the three lines except Rei irritates the daylights out of me?

Free! x Harry Potter - Haru (Haruka) Nanase , Nagisa, Makoto. Rei and Rin

rei ryugazaki x nagisa hazuki | ... free! iwatobi swim club #nagisa hazuki #rei ryugazaki #nagisa x rei

I LOVE THIS!!! FREE X SNK Rin, Rei, Nagisa, Makoto, and Haru.....Jean, Bertholdt, Armin, Erwin, and Levi. I love that Haru still has his swimsuit on underneath the 3dm gear. I love that the characters of SnK were picked from the parallel personalities of Free! Instead of the importance of their character...(noting that Eren isn't present) and that's most likely because no body has a personality similar to Eren's he is just that special and unique! <3

Hetalia: We Create Our Own Demons by ExclusivelyHetalia on deviantART

hitman jones hetalia - Google Search

hitman jones hetalia - Google Search

Hitman Jones as Flowey? I don't know if that's the BEST idea..

Team Instinct Spark All rights belong to rightful owner ------------------------------------------------------------- #teaminstinct #instinct #sparks #pokemongo #pokemon #zapdos #bestteam #bestteamever

I tried to draw some fanart of the Pokémon Go team leaders (Candela, Blanche and Spark) because they look awesome! even if the app isn't here in the place I live yet lmao