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The Cruel Prince
two anime characters one is holding a knife and the other is laying on her back
two young men are standing in front of a cave with bats flying around them and one is touching the face of another man
cardan greebriar
a drawing of a woman with long hair laying on her back and looking up at the sky
The artist is court_of_sketches on ig
a painting of a woman riding on the back of a black horse wearing a crown
📚: Trilogía Rey
Insta: soy_lucyk
Art, Book Nerd, Book Characters
Cardan & Jude • The Cruel Prince
an illustration of a man holding two glasses in his hands and wearing a crown on top of his head
Fantasy Aesthetic
Cruel prince character with names fanart:))
Animation, Fan, People, Film, Book Aesthetic
Wallpaper Jurdan || People Of The Air
two people are dancing in the air with their hands on each other's hips
Wallpaper Jurdan || People Of The Air
Character Design, Manga, Kawaii, Character, Animé