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Harry Potter actors: then and now.

Harry Potter actors: then and now… There has to be magic behind this. Not for Dan though. His expression is exactly the same. <<< Did anyone notice how hot Seamus got? Like, oh my wizard god, guys.<<ik Devon Murray is 😍.

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This replica of Hermione Granger's Time Turner necklace from the Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban movie is really beautiful. The unique high quality design can't be found anywhere else. It's eye catch

emma watson, harry potter, childhood, draco, hermione

emma watson & tom felton a.a Dramione. I wondered about this one too, but decided that his family would have problems, even if Draco, started making up his own mind about things.

mind blown

"After all this time?"Always" The three brothers, each with their Deathly Hallow; a truth to the character, spirit and embrace of Death unique to the brother

Expecto Patronum

Expecto Patronum Many spells used in the Harry Potter series and movies Rowling drew form real life and history in our world. Besides, it's all about intent. Never know till you try. Go with caution. but go bravely, and with good heart.