Maja Plechawska

Maja Plechawska

Maja Plechawska
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L’artiste coréen Lee Jae-Hyo réalise des sculptures en empilant troncs d’arbres avant de les découper pour leur faire prendre des formes précises.  Il réalise aussi le même genre d’oeuvres avec des clous ou des pierres.

Korean artist Lee Jae-Hyo works primarily with wood, steel, stone and nails to create these massive organic sculptures. via Twisted Sifter Lee Jae-Hyo's website

Femme metal

Ecstasy by Karen Cusolito This massive figurative installation by California-based mixed media artist Karen Cuolito stands a staggering 30 feet high, made of 9 tons of salvaged steel. The sculpture.

Du néant jaillit la lumière...

Confetti Death, by Miami-based graffiti artist TYPOE, manages to be violent and poetic at the same time. A skull is seen vomiting colorful shards of spray paint caps onto a bright white wall. Modern art does not get more punk rock than this.

Cette page ne pouvait plus se tourner.

Maybe this was supposed to be some deep philosophical picture but i thought it was hilarious - Face book. *see, I just thought of the screaming book in the Restricted Section. <- yeah, I thought of the screaming book too!