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there is a small glass bottle with candy in it and the bottom one has a corkscrew
Candy Corn Bottle Charm by PepperTreeArt on DeviantArt
there are three witches hats on top of each other in this miniature room with furniture and accessories
At the Show - Fantasy Figures
instructions for how to use nail polish on nails with pictures and text above the image
How to Make Polymer Clay Halloween Bracelet
an old book shelf with many books and knick - knacks on it
Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures
a wooden tray topped with cookies and doughnuts on top of a white table
1000 Watcher Prize - Sugar Cookie Prep Board by PepperTreeArt on DeviantArt
a wooden table topped with lots of halloween treats
1:12 Halloween Table by PepperTreeArt on DeviantArt
a person holding up a miniature halloween cookie in front of other small cookies on a table
Miniature autumn / Halloween cookies and treats! Which would you nibble first?!
an old wooden shelf filled with assorted items on top of a green fence post
A few Halloween or Witchy Haunted House Miniatures and some more of Sherry's jewelry
a person is holding pins in their left hand and pointing to them on the other side
DIY Miniature Lollipops
a trick or treat table with candy and candies
Halloween ~ Anna Kerley
miniature food items displayed on wooden surface with spoons and small bowl in foreground
Miniature Christmas Cookies Prep' Board
an assortment of decorative items displayed on a white table top, including books and vases
Our Favorite DIY Halloween Miniature Paper Decorations
there is a miniature cake with two cats on it and the words chocolate orange halloween cake
Chocolate Orange Halloween Cake - 1/12 scale dollhouse miniature
an old dresser with spices and herbs on it's shelf is shown in this miniature photo
Mini Curio Cabinet Dollhouse Fairy Garden Hutch Witch - Etsy
a tiny dog is sitting on someone's hand
Artist Kerri Pajutee Creates Incredibly Realistic Miniature Animal Sculptures – Design You Trust — Design Daily Since 2007
a small blue bird sitting on top of a tree next to a person's hand
Миниатюрные скульптуры животных
a table topped with lots of cakes and desserts
Miniature Table for Halloween / Autumn - Custom Order
step by step instructions to make halloween pumpkins
How to Make Polymer Clay Halloween Bracelet
a person reaching for some plants on top of a wooden table with other small potted plants
Pixie Dust Miniatures
an orange table topped with cakes and desserts
Orange halloween table
a tiny hamster sitting on top of someone's finger