: It's so WRONG that this is the truth!

Never have I been so sure of this as after the humane society decided to take my brother's kennel down. So many lies put out there. Breaks my heart to hear people saying what a monster he is when they have no idea what really happened.

Funny memes: He will never have a girlfriend

BEST thing EVER. "He will never have a girlfriend. told you!" Just laughed so hard!

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Zobacz zdjęcie Król Julian w pełnej rozdzielczości

Zobacz zdjęcie hahaha nie ma to jak król Julian w pełnej rozdzielczości

in a parallel universe

In a parallel universe...

Meanwhile, in opposite world. Browse new photos about Meanwhile, in opposite world. Most Awesome Funny Photos Everyday! Because it's fun!

Kobiecanatura.pl - miłosne cytaty, sentencje, besty, mysli

Kobiecanatura.pl - miłosne cytaty, sentencje, besty, mysli

Po czym poznać, że jesteś leniwy?

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