homemade spinach pasta

How to Make Spinach Pasta

How to make Spinach Pasta: Click the picture for the directions :) What You Will Need: 2 cups all purpose flour 3 eggs pinch salt 1 cup cooked spinach - pureed- maybe sub tbe flour for almond flour? To make gluten free and healthier!

Ziołowa sól.

Nice DIY gifts - Make Your Own Herbed Salts - Recipes for 'Onion Garlic Salt', 'Rosemary, Citrus and Parsley Salt', 'Fresh Herb Salt' and 'Lovely Herb Salt' Blends. Can't wait to try with fresh herbs from the garden!

Fresh beet pasta

Dawson This link seems broken, but I like the pale pink pasta - Joli would love it. There's plenty of beet pasta recipes online. Gonna have to make some pasta sometimes soon.

Pierogi z ziemniakami i grzybami

Dumplings with cabbage is a typical Polish dish. Guests not only on Christmas tables. It's a great idea for a meatless dinner.

Spinach crepes #recipe

Love these Spinach Crepes they look soo delicious and amazing my favourite and amazing love it soo delicious this is the perfect breakfast love it amazing soo delicious.

pyzole z pieczarkami

Pyzole z pieczarkami

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Pierogi z warzywami

Pierogi z warzywami - Polki.

Gnocchi buraczane/Pink Beetroot Gnocchi

Pink gnocchi with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce (in Polish)

Stare Gary: Dyniowe kopytka

Stare Gary: Dyniowe kopytka