Santo Spirito, Brunelleschi 1430-1480

This Renaissance-style church was established in 1250 but only took on its present form in the century when it was redesigned by Brunelleschi and completed according to his plans after his death.

Ofiara Izaaka - Drzwi Północne Babtysterium, konkurs ogłoszony w 1401 roku.

The Sacrifice of Isaac, bronze competition relief for the Baptistry Doors, Florence, 1401 (bronze), 1401 Filippo Brunelleschi

San Andrea w Mantui

San Andrea w Mantui

Kaplica Pazzich (z medalionami Andrea della Robia)

Interior of the Pazzi Chapel with Della Robbia Rondels, Brunelleschi, Florence, Italy

Kaplica Pazzich przy kościele Santa Croce, ok. 1430

Kaplica Pazzich przy kościele Santa Croce, ok.

Stara Zakrystia przy San Lorenzo, od 1419

Filippo Brunelleschi, Sagrestia Vecchia di San Lorenzo a Firenze,

Kopuła katedry Santa Maria del Fiore, 1420-1436

The Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence the largest brick dome in the world, and is considered a masterpiece of European architecture.